PO_AlignInPlan not functioning as expected

I’m trying to use PO_AlingInPlan which should look like this:

But when I try, nothing seems to happen:
I don’t know if this is user error and I need to adjust the threshold ect or if there is a bug.

Hi @tfedyna,

Thank you for sharing the screenshot. You need to make two changes for the command to work for your scenario.

  1. Change the Threshold to a larger number. The distance between the edge of the room and the guideline is much larger than 0.1
  2. Set the AngleTolerance to -1 so it doesn’t consider the angle change in the alignment process. Or set it to a larger number. Otherwise, it will only align the edge when the change in the angle is smaller than the tolerance number. Currently set to 1 degree in your case.

Thank you @mostapha! I can now operate the command and get the desired outcome, I appreciate it!