Po_Panel : Adding recipes to the projects

Hi @mostapha ,

I am still exploring the opportunities and options that pollination provides for its users.

On using the command PO_Panel for the first time, I realized that I can not add a recipe for the project that I created by accessing the webpage locally from within rhino.

I took sometime to understand how to add the recipes to the projects as well.
Create a project( or go to existing project) - settings (third option from the top left) - recipes - search recipes- add

Could we have an option to add the recipes at the global level (as highlighted below), not at the project level? And this way, we will be able to access the recipes for the projects we create rather than adding the recipe for every project.

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Hi @lavanyanayak,

Thank you for your post!

You can use the dropdown on the top of the page to go to the settings page.

This is by design to make it a bit harder to make sure the users won’t run recipes that are supposed to run in that project. Maybe, we can add the (+) button to the recipe dropdown to take you to the settings if you don’t find the recipe that you are looking for.

That’s an interesting idea! It goes against the current design to limit the recipes for each project but I can see how it can be useful for your organization to set this up once for the whole organization.

The section that you are highlighting is actually for the recipes that are created by you/the account, and not the recipes that are available to you. I can see how it can be confusing. We have considered changing the UI for developers vs users that can potentially resolve these sort of confusions.