PO_SplitRooms - support polylines as a cutter

@mingbo -

Can this command be modified to support polylines as cutters?

For example, I’d like to cut out this corner of building but this requires use of polyline. I don’t see option to cut through space in for anything other than simple single line or planar cut. How should user make two cuts like this?

What’s the current workaround for this type of situation?

I tried trim and split and they split room with polyline, but the room breaks.

You can draw the polyline, extrude it, and then select the face as a cutter. Worked fine for me!

Oh cool, that worked! Couldn’t select polylines as cutter but draw polyline, then extrude curve then select in PO_SplitRoom command functions as workaround until polyline support is added.