Pollination Activation

Hello everyone
please i need your help
why I can’t activate Pollination on Rhino 7
despite the fact that I created one on Pollination Cloud platform

Hi @fekrakamel, see here. This error is most likely caused by your network policy or the firewall.

Hi @mostapha , i also encounter an error
What ports/protocols are used for the license manager?

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We got the same issue today.

UPD: the issue is resolved.

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Hi @heikow and @maksym!

Thank you for reporting the issue. The error code 91 is different and is because of an issue with the Cryptlex license server which is a service that we use for our license manager.

I got in touch with them and they confirmed the outage and also confirmed that the issue has been resolved. Sorry about that.


We should develop a backup option to ensure any possible issues in their services don’t affect our customers.