'pollination.app' message/comments for orgs/teams?

Hi, Random idea:
So there’s all kinds of productivity SW right:
Notion, Basecamp, Github etc:
for the teams/orgs etc side of the pollination.app:
Is there intent to at the ‘project level’ as well as the ‘job level’ do any kind of ‘discussions’, have ‘roles’ in an organization as so a ‘reviewer’ can QAQC, and ‘sign off’ on a model, review results etc and comment / kickback to the modeler?

Literally just a random thought I had, but atleast in my current perspective:
it feels like the accessability of LBT/Pollination enables a ‘force multiplier’ whereas multiple jr/non-engineer modelers can build and run models all day; and more experienced/senior PE’s etc: firm size orgs, the senior PE in charge of energy modeling IMO: has no reason to know how to Rhino/Grasshopper as they just really tell the modelers the systems and inputs to use and QAQC: give feedback and the modeler makes changes/edits runs it again etc.

Just thought it would be nifty af to voice that having some kind of capabilities like that would be super legit and likely reduce the number of programs and tools and interfaces to be used in a large firm scale workflow.

Had always wanted to implement a github / teams + powerBI based workflow with a 'teams “team” ’ for each project: a BI dashboard for QA/QC synced to results files pushed to a git repo for each project, with a Py interface in the middle to manage / process the git sim results and model data to be BI dashboard friendly.

But I feel like if isinstance somthing like that in pollination app:
That would simplify alot of things in my current field of view.

just #showerthoughts


This is great feedback @trevor, thanks!

I know @mostapha is keen on this as we’ve discussed it before. It’s not currently on our roadmap (we are focused on integrating a payment system and solving some lingering scaling issues) but it is certainly possible.

If you have examples of good implementations of what you’re describing (maybe Github PR reviews?), we’d love to see them to be able to incorporate.


oh cool!
Yea so in terms of collaborating on models: PR’s with/without reviewer/approver required for sure would be legit.
Overall version control for BEM’s would be :star_struck:

in terms of ‘QA/QC’ I think more-so github ‘projects’ kanban with reviewer type of MO:
SD, DD, CD columns etc: where the status of the workflow and the likes can be managed and serve also as the “model appoved” by “Reviewer” etc.

That was all I really had in mind in abstract at the moment