Pollination crashes Rhino while editing a new HVAC

Hi all,
I created a new HVAC system pressing “add” button.
After creating, I’m trying to edit it but this error message appears (see picture).
If pressing twice the edit button or the name, Rhino crashes.

My version of OS is 3.5.0

Thanks for your cooperation.

Hi @itdept thanks for reporting the issue. I think you have just found a bug in this UI and I am able to recreate it on my side. I will work on it and keep you posted.

Thanks again.

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Thanks a lot to you @mingbo!

Hi @itdept, I have improved the UI in the last few days.
The bug that you have found should be fixed. You can try to update the plugin version in the next few hours when the new version is released.

Thanks again for reporting this issue.

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Hi @itdept, the new release is available to download. Let us know if the issue has been resolved.

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Hi @mostapha and @mingbo, problem solved in new version.
Thank you for your cooperation.