Pollination IDA ICE import windows issue

I am testing out the pollination to Ida Ice export function on a model with many zones for each room for Indoor thermal comfort modelling. There is a lot of potential with the export to Ida Ice however I am running into an issue when exporting using the Rhino app.

In Ida Ice the widows are displaying correctly in the 3D view, however are displayed with incorrect sizes and sometimes as internal windows instead of on the façade in the 2D view. There are no internal windows in the Pollination model, so this is rather odd. This occurred both on a simple test model and a more complex model (files attached).

I am wondering if this is a known issue and whether it is occurring on the Ida Ice side or whether it is caused by being imported with Pollination?

Poll_IDAICETest.idm (12.5 KB)
Project_PollinationModel.hbjson (1.0 MB)
Project_RoomZones_WithWindows.idm (49.5 KB)

Hi @otterson-donald,

Thank you for posting the issue, and the sample files. I’m mostly certain that this is a visualization issue in the 2D plan. When I click on a single room, I can see the correct geometry.

This should be an issue on our end. I’ll have a closer look and update you about the progress. Thank you again for reporting the issue. :raised_hands:

Hi Mostapha, thanks for your quick reply!

It does look like it’s just a visualisation issue within the 2d veiw.Thank-you for looking into it, though.

No problem, I will let you know if I come across any other issues :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi @otterson-donald,

I found a way to fix the indexing for apertures in the plan but let me do some more testing before creating a new release.

Thank you again for sharing the model.

This looks really promising, nice work! Thank-you for looking into it.

Hi @otterson-donald, this issue must be resolved in the latest release of the Rhino plugin (v 1.45.2). Sorry that it took us longer than usual to create a new release. Let me know if you find any other issues.

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