Pollination international, parallel Versions and ladybug-tools


here are some issues i found:

  • we use rhino 6 and rhino 8 parallel at the moment, so pollination creates to folders (with the same content?) . But both of them rhino 8 tries to load and throws conflicts when Grasshopper is started:

  • Also i get errors if i have ladybug-tools installed together with pollination

  • The delete button calls the “delete” command, that only works in english versions. In other languages you have to add an _ to the command, so you have to call “_delete” to make it international

Best regards,

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Hi @heikow,

Thank you for reporting this. We had a similar discussion here that explains the process for fixing this issue manually.

The latest versions of the Rhino installer provide an option to install the plugin only for a select version of the Rhino plugin which can also solve this issue by installing the plugin only for Rhino 8 first and then adding Rhino 7, and Rhino 6 if desired.

Is this about the Rhino plugin? I’m copying @mingbo here so he is aware of this issue.

i installed the newer version and selected Rhino 8 and Rhino 6. But Rhino 8 loads the Plugin from Version 6 folder. So same problem like here:

Rhino Plugin Installation Error "ID already in use" - #2 by mostapha
I’ll try a new installation only for Rhino 8.

I meant this delete:
The commands in the german version are also in german, so DELETE is LÖSCHEN. But _DELETE works.

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Thank you for reporting this issue. It is indeed a bug, and I just pushed a fix. It should be available in the next release.

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Thank you, @mingbo!

@heikow, the new version (v1.43.5) is released, and you can give it a try. Thank you for reporting the issue.