Pollination Licence is not activated

Error code 1
Any idea what this is about?

Hi @martin6, The error message should be clear enough. Did you try to return the current non-activated license and retrieve a new one?

Hi @mostapha I brought it up here because it appeared all of a sudden.
I moved Rhino to a new computer two weeks ago.
Had some trouble with licensing after the first automatic upgrade of Rhino. So I did the process of moving the Rhino license once again last week.
But as far as I understand Pollination, your licensing is independent from Rhino, isn’t it?
Or do I have to do the licensing again? If that’s the case why do I have a complaint after 2 weeks?

Hi, @martin6,

You can think about it like how caching works in different browsers. Say you are logged into your Gmail in a browser in your home computer. As long as you have the browser open you should be kept logged in. If you close the browser and open it up later, if it hasn’t been a long time, you will still be logged in but if you open a different browser or if you come back after a long time, you need to log-in again.

In the Rhino plugin, the license is saved in the Rhino session. If you close Rhino we release the license and when you re-open it, it tries to load it from the cache first. If there is no cached license or the license has been expired then you need to use the PO_LicenseManager command to retrieve a new license.

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