Pollination /OS/ E+ output reporting

Hi Pollination team,
We recently got a LEED reviewer comment asking “provide input summary reports showing that the Baseline case air flow rates were sized based on a 20 deg. F supply-air-to-room-air temperature difference per G3.1.2.9” Where can we get this report exported if that exists. Also it was quite the task to find it in Ironbug.
Along the same lines is there an easier way to set the baseline to a certain CFM for the outdoor air and getting it clear in the report so that it can fill the LEED requirement

here is the test file from the pollination test rooms
Pollination question.gh (187.8 KB)
And while we are at it, how to add an exhaust fan to an unconditioned space without considering it “conditioned”.

Hi, @moelsayed, thank you for posting the question here.

Either @chriswmackey or @mingbo should be able to help you with this question.

Hey @moelsayed ,

First, you are using a very old version of the plugin here. If you upgrade to the latest version that’s available through the Pollination installers (or the LB Versioner), there’s already a component that can address this:

It’s called HB Fan Ventilation and it adds ventilation fans to Rooms that are completely separate from the HVAC system:

In the future, I think I may also add a slot under Honeybee ProgramTypes so that you can specifically specify a certain exhaust fan volume-per-area to a given program like kitchens or bathrooms. But, for now, that component let’s you model effectively the same thing. It just requires a couple more components to set up.

For your main question here:

It sounds like you just need to send the reviewer the HTML report output by EnergyPlus for your model. There’s a “Component Sizing Summary” table in the default summary report as well as a " HVAC Sizing Summary" table. I imagine one of these tables has the sizing criteria related to a 20F “supply-air-to-room-air temperature difference”.

Outdoor air of what? The outdoor air requirement of each zone? Or the total outdoor air capacity of a particular Air Loop? And do you mean the peak amount of outdoor air that they system is sized to? Or are you talking about the controls that vary the outdoor air, which practically every baseline building needs to have these days.