Pollination plugin for Revit LT

Hi all. I wanted to know if Revit pollination plugin is available for revit LT verison?

Hi @asisnath - It is not currently available for Revit LT. Are you thinking to use Revit LT for your work? I don’t even know if it provides the API calls that we need for the development.

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Yes @mostapha . I am buying the revit and autocad LT bundle license. So It would be fanatastic if we could use pollination with it. !As my Revit trial version is coming to an end and Lt versions are affordable for new beginners and slowly I am switching from archicad to revit.

Hi @asisnath - Thank you for the explanation. Unfortunately, it looks like Revit LT doesn’t support developing add-ins. :point_down:

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Oh God! What a bad luck. :worried:
Thanks @mostapha for the update. Have to buy Revit then!