Pollination Rhino plugin on macOS?

Hi guys.

We are starting to integrate Pollination in our workflow, and I’m the one doing testing at the moment.
We have Windows on most office machines, but for some reason my laptop happens to be a Mac.

I’m wondering if I’ve just overlooked the installer apart from Windows, or there is no Rhino plugin for macOS?


Hey @furtonb. Thanks for bringing up this quesion as I am also using a mac and just because of only windows pollination, I work on a PC too! As far as I know currently Pollination is only for windows for now!

Hi @furtonb! @asisnath is correct. We only offer Pollination on Windows for now. Testing and maintaining a separate installer for Mac will be a huge overhead at this point. We might consider supporting macOS in the future but it is not currently a high priority. Is it possible for you to test it on a Windows machine?

Hi @mostapha , thanks, for the reply! Understandable. I guess not many people are using Macs in this field. :slight_smile:

Yes, I can test it on Windows machines: when I posted the question I was sitting at the desktop in the office, but I had to leave, hence the question came up to continue the work on the laptop later. I prefer to edit the models directly not over remote control – I have an Apple Silicon machine, so bootcamp is not an option anymore.

This comes up quite frequently as I have to split my time between office work (either in the office or HO), being at the university, etc. - I’ll use remote desktop when I need to.