pollination-streamlit-XX code location

Hi Pollination community,

I’m currently experimenting with building Streamlit apps. Looking at the
Get and Display Model (by @nicolas) the following packages are used:

from pollination_streamlit_viewer import viewer
from pollination_streamlit_io import get_hbjson

But I can’t seem to find them on GitHub, are they currently closed source, or am I looking in the wrong place?

For context - I was hunting for an epw equivalent to get_hbjson

Thanks in advance,

Managed to solve my specific issue around epw upload handling from the weather report app code here:

epw_data = st.file_uploader('', type='epw')
if epw_data:
    epw_file = pathlib.Path(f'./data/{epw_data.name}')
    epw_file.parent.mkdir(parents=True, exist_ok=True)
    epw_file = './assets/sample.epw'

global_epw = EPW(epw_file)
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Hi @charliebrooker,

Yes. We kept the repositories on GitHub closed however the code itself is open and can be accessed from PIPy.

Glad that you found the answer to your question. @antonellodinunzio has also created a new epwmap component recently that can come handy in the future.

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