Pollination - Support For True North

It looks like the Pollination Revit Plugin uses Project North as opposed to True North when orientating the model.

I believe Pollination should be using Revit’s True North as this represents the actual orientation on the site. https://help.autodesk.com/view/RVT/2023/ENU/?guid=GUID-ED5BC6E5-0B9D-477C-8F08-692A44E28646.

On the left shows our building in Pollination. The orientation here matches project North. On the right shows our buildings True North Orientation in Revit. It is not a vertical alignment like True North. Please advise.

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Pushing this issue to the top.

My understanding is that the Pollination App only uses Project North in Revit.


Hi @moses-woolpert,

You’re right. Pollination/HBJSON considers the Y axis as the north and expects the model to be rotated as needed.

@ksobon, what would be your suggestion for this case?

Hello @ksobon and @mostapha,

I wanted to push this up again, as I believe it may lead users to errors.

The Project North in Revit doesnt reflect the orientation of the building on site.

If a user sends the Revit model directly to the Pollination Model Table, then the assumption is that the model is already rotated as needed.

Can the Revit Plugin pick-up the True North orientation as an option for rotating the model?

Much obliged!


Hi @moses-woolpert,

Thank you for pushing this up. I see your point. I agree that this is nicer to be automated but for the time being, what we can do is to expose an input for north orientation in the app that allows you to set it to your desired value between -180 to 180 or 0 to 360. Would that address your concerns?

@mostapha ,

yes. that sounds fine.

Please let us know when that is available in the next release.



Question, would the exposed input also update the orientation in the hbsjon export to rhino?

If so, that sounds like an acceptable solution for users of the Revit app.

We currently don’t keep track of the north in HBJSON file. This is by design and to make it possible to run orientation studies, etc. We are planning to add a field for project information that should include the north rotation.

Either way, after the update, the user will be able to adjust the north direction directly in the app regardless of running them from the web, Rhino, or Revit.

This is great.

I would like to test and then do an example to submit to AIA 2030.

In addition, I would like to share my Pollination Journey as a post on Linkedin.

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Hi, @moses-woolpert, I added the north input to the app. Give it a try and let me know if it works as expected.

NOTE: The north arrow in the web-based 3d viewer does NOT change based on the input value. This is only a visualization bug, and I will fix it at some point in the future.

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@mostapha ,

I have seen your updates for the Revit plugin. I will give feedback for this and other updates.

Thanks so much!