Pollination update: Lost project pollination data

Hi, I’ve a project I’ve been working on with the Rh side tools, ~180 rooms before duplicating a floor 8 times, opened up the file to work on it and it said ‘this version of pollination WIP has expired’ so I updated and now all the PO model data is gone.
Did I do something incorrectly?

As well as: is there a way to ‘PO_commit / PO_push’ a model to the cloud without running a sim; as a means of ‘save model to remote’?

Hi @trevor,

Can you share the 3dm file with me and @mingbo using a private message? Updating Rhino shouldn’t affect the Pollination information. Our changes are backward compatible.

This is an interesting idea and in line with what we are trying to do but unless you have an organization, that means that your model will be uploaded to a public project. Meanwhile, you can also save your model as an HBJSON file which can be used as a backup.

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Will do! will send shortly thank you!

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Dont forget to reboot your machine after an update (facepalm) Thank you @mostapha !!