Pollination Web Viewer | Rhino Geometry


Are we able to visualise Rhino geometry in the pollination streamlit viewer?
I have been studying the ladybug library and i think


as seen here should do the trick for visualising the ladybug results. I am thinking more about the rhino geometry, such as shading geometry to be also visible.

Please advice.


Hi @anujm1ttal,

Yes. That should be possible. All you need to do is to convert those shade geometries to shade objects, and then you can add them to your model as standalone shades.

Hi @mostapha

thanks for your quick reply.
What you are suggesting will work for converting the shade geometries to shade objects in an HBJSON model, and then visualising an HBJSON model in the pollination streamlit viewer.

I am wondering if the same is possible for not honeybee analysis but ladybug analysis. Is it possible to display rhino geometries in the pollination viewer as meshes/labybug objects, I remember speaking with you and chris about the possibility of an LBJSON model. I might be mistaken, Please correct me if I am wrong.