Prepare multiphase takes very long time

Hi @chriswmackey

I recreated the recipe using LBT1.8, so I will wait for when the bug will be fixed in one of the next releases.
Just one question on this matter. When I lauch an Annual Daylight Simulation the prepare multiphase takes very long time to be carried out, actually it doesn’t come to an end after running for at least 5 hours.
My model is quite big so I tried to simplify it separating the simulation by floors, but still after running more than one hour the prepare multiphase phase didn’t come to an end (see attached screenshots).
Is there something that I’m missing? Before some minor modifications the simulation (at least floor by floor) ran in almost half an hour.

Thank you very much

Hi @micheledimartino,

Are you able to share the model? You can attach the hbjson file in a private message if you don’t want to share it here.


Hi @mikkel
Thank you. I sent you a private message earlier.

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