Private projects, cpus, and created organization

Hi everyone,

I have three questions regarding private projects, cpus, and created organizations.

  1. Can I only create a private project in one organization? Is there a number limit?
  2. When I create a organization and run simulation in platform, it gives me an error: 1. Error calling CreateArtifact: {“detail”:“Not authorized: Quota of type: "storage" has exhausted limit of: 0.0 with usage of: 0.0”}. However, it runs well in my account.
  3. The recipe I used is Point in time view, there is an input for CPU count. I don’t know how many cpus I can input for free.


Hi @threegreen, I can help with your questions.

You can create unlimited number of private projects under an organization but you will not be able to upload files or run simulations under the organization account unless the organization purchases one of the compute packages.

I partially answered this question already. This is expected. Unlike the organizations, personal accounts have 3 CPU hours of free compute per month, and 5 GB of storage. The limitation of personal accounts is that you won’t be able to create a private project. They are designed to get you started with testing but they are not a good fit for running simulations for private projects.

You can see the quotas for your subscriptions under the subscriptions tab.


Let me know if you have any other questions.

Thanks a lot @mostapha

Hi @mostapha - just to add to this. You mention that an organisation can create an unlimited number of private projects. However when I try to create a project under my organisation I get the following error message:


Hi @davidjbrownstein, we have made some changes to the free subscription for the organization, and unlimited private projects is now part of the compute package subscription.

Private projects with no CPU hours and storage was confusing.

Thanks @mostapha that explains it. I suppose the only place this creates difficulties is where we are running studies locally you still need to create projects to do this. Members of our organisation then have to create individual personal projects to run studies, which is a bit clunky.

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Thank you for the additional information. I see! I forgot that we also made the organization projects private by default, and removed the ability to change the settings from the UI. You can blame this one on GDPR compliance and privacy-by-default requirements. Let me think about it more, and see if there is an easy way to address this.