Re-installing Pollination in Grasshopper -


In addressing a recent parametric run issue getdatalist-error-with-check-job-status-function , I decided that I needed to reinstall the Pollination app. When I found and downloaded what I thought was the correct zip file, I found myself with the following two copies:


I installed the latest by date, not by what I assume is the version number. This was confusing. Was this the right thing to do? It did solve the parametric run issues.

In addition, I found I needed to go into the installation directory in order to run the uninstaller, as the installer would not overwrite what was already in the default installation directory. I presume that this is just a WIP issue, but wanted to check I was not missing a crucial step.


Hi @the_donn, great to see you here!

The latest stable WIP version can always be downloaded from the website. It’s currently version 0.77.1.

Yes. Fortunately it has been resolved already by @Mingbo in the latest developer version. Once we release the latest version it should be easier to install a new version.

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