Read Annual Daylight results for each point

Hi there!
Is there a way to quickly read all annual daylight results from Pollination’s runs?
Cause I wanted to check the lux values for each point at each hour (similarly to what the “Honeybee_read all the hourly results from annual daylight study” used to do).

Hi @emilianoadam,

Yes. The annual results folder is exposed as one of the outputs of the recipe. That will allow you to download the results to your computer and you can use the same Honeybee component to load the results into Grasshopper. Here is an example:

Be mindful of the size of the results as they can be really large for a full building. We have discussed a few solutions to make the file sizes smaller and also add a query level on top of the results files so you can access these data more effectively but that will take some time to be implemented and available.

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