Referencing Architectural Design Layout

Hi @mostapha,

In many projects, architects create different layouts of the same plan that some are modelled in detail with room names and some might not have rooms assigned.

It happened couple of times that Pollination takes the layout that we might miss some of the features such as room names which is super helpful or even rooms totally and should be assigned manually.

Is there any possibility that we can select specific plan layout from the project browser list to read from in step 2 or 4?


Hi @amirtabadkani,

Can you help me to better understand what you are referring to here as “design layout”? Are you talking about design options?

If that’s the case the Revit plugin loads the active design option from the model. If you want to switch between the design options you can do that using the Revit UI, and then use the Pollination plugin to export that option.

Thanks @mostapha, I think I found the answer, it is right that it takes the active layout, but it seems we have to disable/enable pollination to reset the new layout when you change it, otherwise it still has the old layout in the memory, which might be sth that worth updating in next versions.

That sounds like a bug. Let’s wait for @ksobon and see what he has to say.

This is the active layout that contains rooms and names - but Pollination is referring to another layout which does not have any rooms -

Hi @amirtabadkani,

@ksobon clarified this behavior for me but I forgot to document it for you. Based on his input, for Pollination to parse the design option you have to make it the primary option. Selecting the option is not going to make it the primary option.