Revit 2025 support is coming?

Hi There!
Can you share when will pollination support Revit 2025?
Thank you! :slight_smile:

Hi @drumman,

We have already started working on the support. Some challenges with the license manager need to be addressed before releasing it publicly.

We are currently focused on finishing the integration of the model editor, and we will focus on solving the issues for Revit 2025 support next. I don’t want to set an expectation that we can’t fulfill but it shouldn’t take more than a couple of months before it is available.

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Thank you for the super quick feedback!

No problem! Did you already started using Revit 2025? And do you have access to ok order versions of Revit? I’m trying to get a better sense about the level of urgency for supporting Revit 2025?

I’m working on a research project, which includes the testing of the new BEM-related Revit 2025 featrures. However I can bypass the Pollination compatibility issue, as the geometry translation can be tested on older Revit versions as well. Fortunately I have access to different Revit versions.

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side-note: In the last decade, Revit supported gbXML version v0.37 (published in 2010.feb.), Autodesk didn’t follow the schema updates until Revit 2025, which now supports gbXML v7.03 (2023.aug). As I went through the revision history, the gbXML development is going towards HVAC elements, probably there will be no complications on the geometry-side, but worth to check in more detail.

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Nice! Make sure to use the latest version of the Revit plugin (v2.187.1) that includes the model editor.

Thank you for the additional information. We should probably have a look into their HVAC implementation at some point.

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