Revit - Alignment issue and more

Seems to be that finally i need to get into the Revit environment … :slight_smile: For research purposes i get large Revit files that i want to convert into the LBT environment. Before i get into them i’m testing a simple case in order to understand the challenges I might face.
I’m following the first videos (thanks for that) that are very helpful but still have an issue with the alignment of a room boundary. Also other threads in the discourse are not working for me.
This is what i get:

I want the green line be aligned to the yellow.
I defined a plane as explained in this video. And here is what i did in the interface:

This is the debug.log file i get after exporting and the HBJSON file created.

Debug.log (45.7 KB)
test export to rhinoi.hbjson (117.7 KB)

Not sure to bring other issues here, but i’ll do it:
I choose at stage 1 the Compute Volume even though all rooms are extrusions. tried the recommendations of the videos but at the end no geometry appears in the following stages. Didn’t documented that, but if you want i can do that.

Also wanted to ask how to hide the Rhino geometry without hiding the HB geometry.

Thanks for your help here.

Hi @ayezioro, excited to see you started using the Revit plugin.

I’m not sure if I follow all your comments. Is it also possible for you to share the simple Revit model with me? That way I’ll have a point of reference for comparison.

Also, if you’re moving the model to Rhino, it might be easier to do all the alignments in Rhino using the Rhino plugin.

Hi @mostapha,
Indeed much easier to fix the alignments in Rhino. Love it!! No need to keep trying in Revit.
As for the other comments in my post the only one remaining is related to the visibility of the Rhino geometry against Pollination’s. Right now, after importing the HBJSON from Revit, i noticed that in the layers i get this:

I believe that an Envelope sub-layer is missing. Can be?
Why it is important (for me)? Because if I don’t want to see the mesh divisions i need to sett the Layer to Off. As it is now, if i do that with the Room layer the HB model is also set to Off.
Hope it is clearer now … and makes sense for you.

It is! That being said, we are developing a new solution for Revit which might even be easier than Rhino! :slight_smile: :point_down:

Hi @ayezioro, it was easier to answer this question in a video, but here are the highlights.

  1. The walls can not be set in a separate layer as they are part of the room object.
  2. If I understand correctly by mesh divisions you are referring to Surface Isocurves. Does can be turned off in the display option.


Thanks a lot @mostapha!
You answered all my questions clearly.

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