Revit crashes when exporting a huge model

When I try to export a huge model (with many spaces) through Pollination through IES-VE in. gem format, the export is not successful. Model preview is not shown and the rooms on Room manager does not load. This consumes a lot of time and as a result, Revit crashes. Is there any way I can resolve this issue?

Hi, @alabeeb - I have exported very large models with the Revit plugin recently. The crash can happen for reasons other than the size of the model. Unfortunately, there is not much that I can help with unless you can share the model with us so we can debug it on our end.

Hi @mostapha
Could you kindly enumerate the other causes for this bug to occur? Probably, I can try to find a way through this issue then!

In most cases, the cause is an exception in the Revit API. If you can’t share the model, then the best next option is to share the logs for the model that fails. Do you see an error in the logs when this model fails?

Hi @mostapha

Here is the log file’s snip

Thank you, @alabeeb!

@ksobon - does this give you a clue on what might be happening?