Revit License Not Working

My coworker Bahar is trying to log into pollination in revit. She’s able to log in successfully, but when she returns to the revit window after following the steps in the browser, all options are greyed out and she isn’t able to activate our company license. Can you help me understand what might be going on here?

Hi @kbren,

Thank you for documenting the issue. I will be happy to help you at some point tomorrow or early next week over a call. This is something that is easier to debug live. If she has an active license borrowed from the license pool, then she should be able to use the plugin’s functionalities. The buttons are only grayed out when the license is not active.

Feel free to send me a private message or an email to schedule the meeting.

The problem was that the user was added to the organization but not the license pool. After adding the user to the license pool they could access the license as expected.