Revit plugin - Version 2.80.1

Hello, Pollination community!

We are excited to announce the public release of the Revit plugin version 2.80.1 for some special features and bug fixes.


  • The new version of the Revit plugin provides seamless integration with Pollination apps. You can get the model into the app by only adding two lines to your app!

     from pollination_streamlit_io import get_hbjson
     hbjson_data = get_hbjson(key='hbjson_data')

    We already have two apps that are using these two lines to get the model from Revit. You can try the annual loads’ app (live, source code) or the model table app (live, source code) to try it yourself live.

    For all of you who don’t want to open Revit, and I don’t blame you, I recorded a video that shows these two apps. Feel free to forward this video to your managers who might tell you this is too good to be true! :sunglasses: - Spoiler alert! I also show how these apps work from Rhino and SketchUp! :sparkles:

  • Updated video tutorials: We recorded three new video tutorials that cover how to export an analytical model from Revit with detailed geometry or extruded geometry and another one that shows how to run your simulations from inside Revit!

In the video for the extruded model, I exported the model from Revit to Rhino, IES-VE, DesignBuilder, and OpenStudio in a few minutes, and here are the results!

Notable Fixes

  • Update the OpenStudio dependency to resolve the issue by using IDs instead of display names when exporting to gbXML.

  • Export curtain wall doors that are set as apertures for both detailed and extruded modes. This used to only work in detailed mode.

Other Changes

I want to share a special shoutout to @jakechevriersg and @helou for their contributions to this release by providing feedback and reporting bugs. :raised_hands:

Happy pollinating and happy Monday whenever it comes in your timezone! :earth_americas::earth_africa::earth_asia: