Rhino 8 - After installation issues

Just installed R8 and i’m facing a couple of errors with Pollination.
1. Duplicate Pollination.GH.gha. I installed Pollination for all Rhino versions (6, 7, 8)
I get the following:

At the end I load the R8 option (while running R8, of course). But this is a bit annoying since this window appears for a few times.
Tried deleting all Pollination installation and installing again, but still getting the same result.
No need to say that i’m using both Rhino versions.
Any ideas here?

  1. Load Pollination.RH.rhp. When Rhino 8 opens i get the following:

    I guess this is kind of related to the previous one, but just in case i bring this here.

Thanks for your help!

Hi @ayezioro, Congrats on making the move to Rhino 8!

Your understanding is correct. Rhino tries to load the DLLs from the two different folders. The system is set up like this so the plugins for Rhino 7 can be automatically loaded to Rhino 8. But it can cause issues like the one that you shared.

  1. Can you try to only install it for Rhino 8, and open Rhino 8 to load the libraries from the right folder? Then go back and install it for both of them.

  2. See here: Rhino Plugin Installation Error "ID already in use" - #4 by mostapha

Thanks a lot @mostapha!
That was it. Working fine now.

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