Rhino Environmental Analysis icons Rhino 8

Probably this should go to the Rhino discourse instead? :smiley:

In Rhino 8, the Environmental Analysis toolbar, has broken visuals. (see image attached)


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Thanks for documenting this on discourse, @byron . I’m glad that you showed me this at the workshop. I think we’ll need McNeel’s help to understand what is going wrong on your machine since I’m just using the Rhino 8 Script editor to set up the toolbar with icons. I’ll set up a forum topic over on the McNeel forum and link to yours here. Hopefully Ehsan from McNeel can tell us what is happening.

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The post has been made to the McNeel forum here:

That’s great @chriswmackey thank you

FYI, if you check the discussion on the McNeel forum, I think I figured out what the issue is. It seems like we just need to use a different .rui file for Rhino 8. Once Ehsan confirms this, I’ll put together a release with separate Rhino 7/8 .rui files, which @mingbo can include in our installers.

@chriswmackey, won’t the. rui that’s generated in Rhino 8.4 also work fine in Rhino 7? It do we need two separate .rui because the one for version 8.4 is not backward compatible?

I guess it’s working on my machine but I can see that the Rhino ScriptEditor exports two different types of .rui files depending on whether you select the target as Rhino 7 or Rhino 8.

Here’s the Rhino 7 one:

… and here’s the Rhino 8 one:

You can see that they’re two different sizes. Something tells me the Rhino 8 one might not work in Rhino 7 if the machine isn’t using standard resolution of 72 pixels per inch. But I really have no idea since we have not yet heard from McNeel and the documentation about these .rui files is not great.

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Hey @byron ,

It took a little trial and error but I think we have finally addressed this issue in the latest version of the Pollination Rhino installer.

If you get the chance to download it and let us know whether all of the icons display correctly, we’d appreciate it.

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Hi @chriswmackey,
sorry for the late reply.

I can confirm that this is now working in Rhino 8.
Thank you very much!

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