Rhino Environmental Analysis

Noticed the new Environmental Analysis toolbar in Rhino.
Great addition!! Like it a lot.
Couple of things I would like:

  1. The EPW file add: the ctrl+v (paste) option doesn’t work. User need to know that they need to right click mouse and paste from there.
  2. Setting the limits of the legend will be a nice improvement … i think. Assume it is on the plans, but just in case.

Thanks a lot for this.

Hey @ayezioro ,

Glad that you’re already testing this out.

For 1, my understanding is that Rhino commands don’t support Cntrl+V shortcuts and you have to right-click to paste things. If you find another Rhino command where this is possible, let me know and I’ll see if I can copy the functionality. But I think this is a limitation of Rhino commands. FYI, the recommended practice for setting up the weather file is to use the new PO_ProjectInfo command. This will pull up an interface where you can set the weather URL that will be used as the default for all environmental analysis commands that are run with a particular .3dm file. This way, you’ll never have to paste a URL or file path into the command line.

For 2, most commands have a MinLegend and MaxLegend option at the very start of the command, where you can change the default from -+/inf to a specific number if you know that the study you are running is only meaningful within a certain range:

Alternatively, if you realize that you want to change the min/max after you have run the study, you can always add the results to the Rhino document and double-click the screen-oriented legend to pull up the full interface for the legend parameters.

Thanks, as always, for testing and for the feedback.

This is great @chris. Thanks.
Question regarding the EPW in the Project_Information window: Since you can add many epws to the list, is there a way of picking one to be the active?
Having just one, I still get that the used for the simulations is the one that i pasted before. I need to re-open the file to get the one on the list? Or am I doing something wrong here?

Hey @ayezioro ,

Good question here:

It’s always the first EPW in the list that sets the default climate data for the newly-added commands. So just move the one that you want to be the default to the top.

Yea, that’s the way that I designed the command. If you paste something into the command line, it will take precedence over anything that has been set under PO_ProjectInfo. The eventual idea is that most people will just always set things up in the ProjectInfo and this will get used as the default for everything (environmental analysis commands, recipe inputs, filters for the ConstructionSet library, etc). People will have the option to override this whenever they run the command, initialize the recipe, etc. But you might have to restart Rhino if you just want things to be set back to the default.

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