Rhino Plugin Installation Error "ID already in use"

Hi all,

In preparation for next month’s workshop in London I’ve downloaded the Rhino plugin to make sure any eventual IT issues are sorted before the day (i.e. permissions and such).

When opening Rhino 7, I get the following error:

I get the sensation this is a license issue (I currently have no paid subscription), which I understand will be dealt with at the workshop. If this is not the cause, any ideas on how to proceed?


Hi @jroberts,

Thank you for preparing for the workshop in a month to come! It deserves a trophy! :1st_place_medal: :raised_hands:

The error is not related to the license. It is most likely because the plugin is already loaded from another place on your machine. Try to clean the registry and the issue should be resolved.

See here for a similar issue.

Hi @mostapha,

What do you mean by “clean the register”?

Please see below where it’s trying to load it from:


Hi @jroberts,

I meant the software registry. Here is the process to check the registry path from inside the Rhino plugin.

I suspect the plugin is loaded from some other path. If it is loaded from Rhino 6 folder instead of Rhino 7 then you should only install it for Rhino 7. The installer provides an option for that.

All fixed! As you suspected it was loading from somewhere else: I installed it in program files but I had my previous GH only Pollination stuff in C:\Users, probably led to some confusion. Reinstalled everything in C:\Users and working fine now.


Glad to hear that! Is there a reason that you don’t install it in the Program Files folder? That has been the recommended location so you don’t have to deal with some permission issues later when you try to run Radiance or OpenStudio from the Users folder. Many companies block that.

To be honest the advice I’ve had internally from IT was to install it in under C:\Users for exactly that reason! I don’t know, maybe every company likes to do things slightly differently… maybe this is just a historic habit

Got it! As long as it works for you it works for me! :slight_smile:

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