Room Selection Issues

Hello -
Wish the room selection would stay consistent while working across the steps of the plugin interface and when repeating the an export of the same selection. For example, if I select all rooms on step 5 I would like to see all rooms selected at last step i.e. export. I’m consistently exporting partial models and having to re-export.

Also, even if I have a full list of rooms selected if I navigate from step 7 and back the selection list is partial again.

Also, I’ve reported this but thought it makes sense to place here as well. The “select all” does not select all rooms in list, but only those visible in list. Cntrl+A works, but the selection is not saved as noted above.

Hi, @victorbrac - Thank you. Can you also share the version of the Revit plugin?

Here ya go!


Hey @ksobon @mostapha I have a similar issue. When I select all the rooms (with Crtl+A or “select by” option) to preview the full model, it does not work. I have the preview room per room which is not very helpful to check the full model. Please see image for revit plugin.
Also, I am using the detailed export, but the plenum option does not show in step 5. I am not sure why.

@ffotsing99 @victorbrac thank you for reporting this. I just had a look at it, and selections should be better going forward. They should retain their values from Rooms > Sensor Grids > Properties and back as well.


I made a public release for the latest version of the Revit plugin, version 2.102.0, so you can try it on your end. Let us know how it goes.

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I’m going to make this resolved for now. Let me know if you are still facing an issue.