Run simulation button is missing from Rhino-UI

Hi all,

Interesting question–> Are you able to see “Run simulation and Load Results” buttons on your Pollination Rhino-UI? Apparently, I lost those buttons with new installation. Did they move somewhere else?


Update: PO_RunSimulation command is working. Just realized new PO_Panel is coming soon.

Hi @hlkocalioglu - The new and recommended way to schedule the simulations is to use the panel as documented here:

In other words, the panel has already been released for some time.

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@hlkocalioglu @mostapha

I just want to run energy simulation in Rhino, but I’m stuck.

There is no Run simulation button on the current Pollination Rhino-UI.

When I typed PO_RunSimulation in the command line, I got the following message.

I typed PO_Panel and I tried to follow the tutorial video How to run an energy simulation from your browser.
I selected custome-energy-sim recipe. The recipe requires a Honeybee Model or a HBJSON file, but I only have a Rhino file. How can I run energy simulation? or Hor can I create the file type required for energy simulation?

Hi @keigonomura.

As you said, “PO_RunSimulation” command is not supported anymore. Therefore, you need to use the panel for running simulation.

You can always save your file in different formats including HBJSON through Rhino interface and then deploy as local model. However, you need to be careful that your model does not contain errors before running simulation.


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Thanks @hlkocalioglu for reply and clarification.

Hi @keigonomura, the other option is using Rhino directly:

  1. Set pollination rhino model with energy properties
  2. Link the model to recipe using GetModel button of the recipe form
  3. Add other missing required inputs


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You can always save your file in different formats including HBJSON through Rhino interface

Could you please tell me how? I have read through Rhino Plugin User Manual, but I don’t find it.

Hi @keigonomura.

From Rhino–> File–> Save as–> HBJSON. On the otherhand, @antonellodinunzio explained a better way with setting energy properties and use GetModel button.


Hi @keigonomura, did you watch the videos in this post?

As @antonellodinunzio mentioned, when you open the panel from inside Rhino, you can access the model directly using the Get Model option.

@hlkocalioglu Thanks! Sorry for the very basic question.

@antonellodinunzio @mostapha Thanks for the other option. I don’t know why, but the there was no “Get Model” button on the Pollination Panel (the image I attached above) yesterday, but now I can find the button.

When there was something wrong with HBJSON file, @hlkocalioglu 's option showed an error message, but @antonellodinunzio 's “get Model” option did not show the error message and the Pollination Panel got stuck as shown below.

I think I shoud mannually convert to HBJSON file first and check if there is any error.