Running Parametric Analysis

Hi @mostapha,
Sorry for pinging you again and again. I appreciate your patience.
I want to run a parametric analysis for my model which I have made in Rhino plugin of Pollination, however, am not sure how to bring it to grasshopper environment to apply the user inputs and create the jobs.

Hope my question is clear enough.

Hi @mahagh - no need to apologize. Thank you for documenting all your questions. I’m happy to help!

To link the model from Rhino, try to right-click on the button and select Get Model.


Let me know if you have any other questions.

Got you. Thanks @mostapha,

I went like the below picture to run different WWR, if it makes sense:

Although the model has shades/windows, it does not recognize here! does it make sense?

Another question is about parametrizing outer skin properties like opaque shell U-value or glazing VT value for EEM/LEED purposes. Should I do these like the way I parametrized the WWR?

Thanks, in advance.

I’m not sure if I follow your comment about the windows. Since you are assigning the apertures based on WWR I imagine you are removing the older ones from the model.

For the shades, you can have to add them back to the model.

Yes. You basically have to add them as new parameters with new sliders.