Same EUI results obtained in parametric analysis

Hi @mostapha
I tried running a parametric analysis by varying window ratio parameters (0.1, 0.2, 0.3, 0.4), and the construction type (steel framed, wood framed, mass, metal building), but the resulting EUI values I obtain for all 16 cases is 149.831. I ran the same study with just the wwr being varied, and still get the same EUI result.

However, I do get different results when I run the studies individually via runURBANopt.
I’m not sure if I’ve done something wrong with my setup, and would really appreciate some insight into this if possible. Thank you in advance!

Hi @tmendis26,

I believe this happens because you are not changing the name of the model for each iteration. You can use Text Join to create a new name based on the parameter values (or whatever you want but it must be a unique name).

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Hi @mikkel ,

Thanks so much. Could I also please clarify whether I need to connect the Text Join component to the User Inputs component as well? I set up the new model names as you suggested (for just the WWR to begin with), but when I setup the runs, the model name for all 4 runs is still “0.2_SteelFramed”. I’m not sure how to make the model names change specifically for each iteration.


@tmendis26 - can you share a screenshot of your script? It looks like you are connecting the wrong output to the model name. The user inputs look correct.

Hi @mostapha this is a screenshot of the simplified workflow. I hope this is okay?

Hi @tmendis26 - If I understand your intention correctly, you need to connect the facade parameters slider to the name.

The name of the model should be generated from the combination of input parameters to be unique.

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Thanks @mostapha ! This was it exactly, and I’m getting different results with the varied parameters now.