"Save as" exporting to .xml file failing

Hi all,
I’m trying to export my rhino file as an .xml file to import however I get this error message when i try to export. Haven’t used pollination before so i’m unsure what to do.
Thank you!

Hi @lnzek,

@chriswmackey should be about to better explain the error message. Meanwhile, can you provide more information?

  1. What’s the version of Rhino plugin?
  2. Can you share the Rhino model with us for testing?
  3. Why are you trying to export a gbXML? I want to make sure using gbXML is the best option that you have.

using rhino 8 and im not sureabout the plug in i downloaded it earlier today.
i need to import my file into design builder for environmental analysis.
i am also unable to uppload my file as i am a new user

Hi @lnzek ,

This is a bug that was fixed a little over a month ago here:

I guess it just took us some time to get this into the installer since I didn’t trigger a new installer release until last week. @mostapha , have we released a new version of the Rhino plugin installer since May 8th?

In any event, once you have the latest version, you won’t have this issue anymore, @lnzek .

FYI, the bug was specifically related to “orphaned geometries”, which are just Walls/Roofs/Floors/Windows/Doors that don’t have a parent Room. It took us a while to find this bug because most energy modelers do not use such orphaned geometries. They all get translated to Shades in gbXML/OSM/IDF so most people prefer to model them more explicitly as Shade objects. So another way to work around this issue is just convert the orphaned geometries in your model to Shades and the translation will succeed.

Lastly, you might already be aware of this but the screenshot that you shared is from a “Save As IDF” error. Granted the “Save As gbXML” uses the same translation pathway but this is just so you know.

I just released a new version of the Rhino plugin (v1.48.14) that should include the fix.

@lnzek, let us know if it fixes the issue. Thanks!

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