Sensor Grid not Align with Room Orientation

Hello! I have a quick question regarding sensor grid set-up in revit. I have this model oriented in revit and was trying to run it though a point-in-time study through the pollination panel accessed from revit. However, the sensor grid could not align perfectly with the room when I set up the sensor grid based on the room. Please see attached pic. Is there a way to make the sensor grid align with the room?

Hi @lijiaye,

Good question! I believe we have the option in the routine that generates the sensor grids to change the X axis, but we probably don’t use it inside Revit. @chriswmackey and @ksobon can comment on this.

In any case, the best practice is to keep the model aligned with XY plane and instead rotate the sky using the -n option. Is that applicable to your case?

Hello @mostapha yes I think so! Thank you for clarification on this issue.

The method that we use to generate the sensor grids from the floors of rooms uses the plane property of the Floor Face3D to do this, which contains an X and Y axis that corresponds to the grid cells. As you see in the link to the Face3D schema above, this plane property of the Face3D is optional, in which case we auto-generate it from the vertices, meaning horizontal Floors have XY axes aligned to the world XY axis like in @lijiaye 's screenshot.

I know that @mingbo in the Rhino plugin passes each Rhino Surface’s plane to the Face3D, making it possible to edit the plane the generates the grid using Rhino commands. The HB Sensor Grid From Rooms Grasshopper component also supports a couple of different ways to edit the XY axes that generate the grid. I don’t think @ksobon currently uses the Face3D.plane at all in the Revit plugin and he takes advantage of the fact that the plane property as optional. But, if he were to specify the Face3D.plane in a way that lets people change it from Revit, this is how he could give people the power to rotate this grid from the Revit plugin.

Long story short, it is possible to expose this capability in the Revit plugin eventually but, particularly because rotating the sky seems to have solved @lijiaye 's immediate issue and the fact that people can use the Rhino plugin if they really need to rotate the grids, I don’t think this needs to be a high priority at the moment.