Shaft geometry doesn't show correctly in Rhino

This works perfectly, thank you!
The only problem I now face is with the lower floor. I don’t know why. I will attach the file here.

The shaft is exported on Level 01 but not on Ground Floor Level.

The ground floor does not export the shaft:

But the first floor does:

It would be great if you could take a look :slight_smile:
Besides this, everything worked great for this model!

Hi @ketan,

This is a visualization issue in Rhino. The model is exported correctly and I can load it with Grasshopper.

@mingbo, can you check this file and see what’s going on? (44.7 KB)

@chriswmackey, you might also want to check this case as it doesn’t visualized correctly in the Grasshopper plugin too. The wireframe only component and the mesh-based visualization works but not the other one.

So the issue is that you have some completely invalid Shade geometries in your model that have Zero area:

The honeybee validate model command reveals several other issues:

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Thanks! It looks like we need to implement the validate command on the Revit side sooner than later. We can remove those shades from the model.

I think the adjacency issue is happening because of the partial export.

I pushed a change that will just return None instead of trying to create the invalid shades:

I can also see some things about the Room geometry that may explain why Rhino is having a hard time: