Simplified export from Revit - export spaces as 1 single room per level


I’m looking to use pollination to build geometry for wind studies and wondered if pollination has the ability to export 1 single room/block per level instead of exporting all spaces per level. For wind studies we only focus on the facade, shades, the shape of the building and adjacent buildings so all spaces are not necessary to model. I came across this discussion ‘Model Geometry Discussion: Balancing Model Details and Rooms for Load Calculations versus Energy Modeling’ and looking for an export similar to the ‘Story’ image.

I have tried the PO_Mergerooms command to get 1 single room/block. Is there a more efficient way to get the same outcome?

Hi @rwdhope, good question!

Currently, the only other available solution is to draw an area per floor and use that instead of the rooms to export the model.

I understand that it will be additional work to do. In particular, if you already have the rooms cleaned up. We have a new functionality that can potentially make it easier to find the boundary line around a floor which can be used to automate the process for creating one area per floor.

@chriswmackey, this is one of the functionalities that I was referring to as a use case for floor boundaries beyond IDA-ICE’s building bodies.