The apertures show up in the list but don't get exported

Hi @mostapha,

I have similar problem like it actually shows the apertures in the list but doesnt export any. Is this also fixed with the latest version?


Hmm. I’m not sure. Can you share the model with us?

It exports the apertures only if I use “extruded floors” method which is not what I want as I have a pitched roof.

I see! So it’s limited to the full volume method. That might be the key to find the issue.

For cases like this, I usually export them as extruded with a large number for the last floor. Then I export the roof as shade objects, and trim the rooms on the last floor and cap them. It’s usually much faster that way.

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Hmm - havent tried this workflow yet but looks a good approach to save time! especially in full volume method usually there are many problems with the exported model

See this discussion. I recorded a video that shows how this approach might work

Yes - tested and is much easier - so having this workflow why do we need the full volume method if it’s not functioning well?

That’s great to hear!

If you ask me the full volume method is functioning as expected but it needs additional clean up. The extruded mode needs much less clean up. We have a plan to support slanted roofs in extruded mode, so you don’t have to do the additional step in Rhino.