The energy simulation fails after a few seconds


I was able to load the recipe but when I tried to run it both on cloud or locally. The simulation fails to run. The run time is 2 secs. I am wondering if the baseline model lacks inputs to make it compatible.
Please find attached model and TMY3 file used for analysis below

Hi @upawarcannon - since you ran the model on Pollination I don’t need the sample file.

Here is the error message.

I found it by going to the run, clicking on the failed step, and then clicking on the main-logs file. Here is the link.

The heating air temperature seems to be greater than cooling air temperature.

I tried to run the default ideal air system preloaded in pollination (All values are default). It did not come preloaded with a schedule so I tried both options of running simulation with and without schedule. Both seem to have failed. Kindly advise on what I can change to run the simulation

Hey @upawarcannon ,

You definitely did a lot of customization of an ideal air system somewhere in your Pollination Rhino model since there’s a system here with heating/cooling capacity limits and everything. And you can see the problematic supply temperature setpoints here:


After I changed those, your HBJSON is load-able again but you still have a ton of validation errors on your model that you should use the PO_ValidateModel command to help you fix.

Here’s the load-able model that still needs some more fixing to make it valid:
Model_linked_from_rhino.hbjson (401.0 KB)

FYI, @mingbo , we should probably be checking un the Rhino plugin UI that users don’t accidentally set the Ideal Air System heating supply temperature to be lower than the cooling supply air temperature.

@mostapha @chirswmackey

Thank you for your patient responses.

At the office we were trying to iterate the Ideal Air system to see how we can best depict our HVAC design.
Titled here as NCC_ Ideal Air Systems. This was created by duplicating the Default Ideal Air System

Which had the heating and cooling temperatures as you mentioned .

But when I was trying to simulate the model. I selected the Default Ideal Air System as the HVAC system.

I am not sure why is it considering the values of the other systems within the manager, which are present but not selected.

To simplify the model.
I deleted the other iteration in the HVAC manager and just kept Ideal Air system. Was able to simulate the model with that change.

Got a HTML file for this simulation with 0 total energy but that may be because I have not set any other properties to the file yet. Wanted to test HVAC.

Will keep you posted on the process.

This is expected because, even when a HVAC is not assigned, it is still a part of your HBJSON model. This is partly why I was recommending that @mingbo catch severe issues in the UI when people are setting up their Ideal Air systems. This type of thing is far easier to check when people are setting things up than it is to get all of the way to the simulation and have an error thrown.

Also, bear in mind that should not consider your energy simulation results trustworthy until you model is at least passing the PO_ValidateModel command.

Will keep that in mind for our next model.

When assessed the PO_ValidateModel Command states that the Model is valid.

Hi @upawarcannon, I tested this and I can see the error when I run the validate model command on your model.

This check has been there for some time, and it is unlikely that this is happening because of the version of the Rhino plugin.

@chriswmackey, can we include this error in the nicely formatted report instead of raising an error? And probably with more information about the system name/identifier to make it easier to find it.

Thank you for letting me know. I will check again and keep you posted

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Earlier this morning I copied the original file to test adding construction set for simulation. (The energy simulation ran successfully on cloud for this file with 0 energy use - have not added program types yet)
I can see this error now when I use the PO_Validate command.

In the original file - which you are testing
This is the error pop-up when I use the PO_Validate command.

The same error does not pop up in the copied file. Even though the geometry has not changed. How can I resolve this error in the latest file?

I am copying the file after each stage as this is a test run for a firm projects energy modelling in pollination.

Models attached here for reference.

Kindly let me know if you think it is better to resolve the error in the original file and reapply construction set properties or continue with the copied model and find a way to resolve errors within that.

Hi @upawarcannon,

How did you copy the file? Did you save the Rhino file as a new file? Or did you use copy/paste to copy the geometry in a new file? We recommend doing the first one. You can also save the file as an HBJSON file and open/import it in a new Rhino file.

These errors are documented here:

You can also get there by clicking on the More Info button.

You most likely have run the solve adjacency on part of a model and forgot to run it on the whole model. Try to use PO_ResetBoundayCondition first and then re-run PO_SolveAdjacency.

This is happening because the validator hits a different error with some program_types missing, and doesn’t get all the way to the other checks. Using the method that I suggested above for saving a new model should resolve this issue.

Understood. Thank you for explaining that.

I was able to resolve most of the original file errors. They were mostly adjacency and geometry errors as you mentioned.

The only error I could not resolve was of a curved aperture. That looks like this in the floor plan

Submitting this question as a separate topic.

Thanks @chriswmackey, that’s a good idea, and it is added!