Trying to sort things in the Polination Plugin crashes Rhino

I was actually trying to figure out which of the columns fail to sort to write it down in a post.
So I clicked many times until eventually Rhino crashed

This is not the first time Rhino crashed when is was working there but now I’m sure to report it.
Here is what I found out before it crashed

Name - works
Modifier - not tried
Program - not at all
Story - works
Openings - after the third click they are sorted
Notes - not tried


Thanks @martin6 for detailed testing.

I have just fixed this sorting issue. It was from when sorting a column with some values missing.
A new version 0.126.0 with this fix has been released.

Can’t confirm yet @mingbo

first click on Openings



Rest still the same
Try the H100 018 model out of my folder

Thank you @martin6! I can recreate the issue on my side with version 0.126.0.

@mingbo, here is what I can see:

  • Sort by Name works as expected
  • Construction, Program, and HVAC don’t sort anything
  • Openings gets confused by the null values and doesn’t sort correctly.

Also for the openings shouldn’t the value be set to 0 instead of empty if there are no openings?

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This has already been fixed, please let us know if the issue remains.