Unable to download bootcamp Windows

Hello Guys,

Can someone tell me if i am able to download Pollination on the Mac bootcamp.

I tried but recieved an error and any tips to overcome.


Hi @kkt, We don’t have an installer for Mac right now. In theory we should be able to offer that since there is nothing that we do which is specific to Windows but we decided to only release the Windows installer for now not to have maintain two distributions.

I reread your message now and I see that I didn’t read the question carefully.

What was the error that you get when you try to install the Grasshopper plugin?

Hello Mostapha,

Please find attached the error screenshot for your reference.


Hi @kkt

We don’t have a test Mac that has Windows installed by Bootcamp, so we are not be able to recreate this issue on our side. But one thing that I could think of what’s missing in your system is VC++ run time, could you please try to install it from here: Download Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015 from Official Microsoft Download Center first, and try our installer again?


Hello Mingbo,

You are a legend and it works.

Thank you very much.