Unable to open Rhino Plugin

After installing the Rhino plugin and typing “pollination” in Rhino 6, I get nothing.
Command: Pollination
Unknown command: Pollination
What am I doing wrong lol

Update: It works after opening the Rhino 6 three times. Yeah!


This is an issue with how Rhino 6 loads the plugins. It loads only one from a certain folder each time that you open Rhino. Since we have 3 dlls it takes 3 times! :expressionless: You will not face this issue in Rhino 7.

@jankivyas and @mingbo I thought we added a note for this somewhere either in the installer or the user manual but I can’t find the notes now. I think now people will find this post instead. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I created an issue for tracking this topic.

@mostapha and @mingbo the compatibility issue with Rhino 6 has been added to the User Manual.

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