Unknown meta data added to custom folder after reinstallation

Hi, I noticed something odd with my custom folder after installing the latest version of Pollination. To be clear I saved all my custom data to : C:\Users.…\AppData\Roaming\ladybug_tools\standards

Before installing the latest version the custom folder had only the data that I had created like :


But after installtion of Rhino plugin , new data are being added to the custom folder automatically and it shows up under user category inside the rhino pollination interface as below :


As far as I know custom folder only gets what we add manually and after reinstallation of plugin its should not be altered.
So is it a bug?
Any insight on this would be helpful!

Hi @asisnath,

This is correct. I don’t think we have changed anything in the installer. When you go to the folder, do you see any new additional files? Has the last-modified date for your files changed?

Also, what is the version that you have installed?

Yes @mostapha Some files are being added as below but not to all folders. Last modified files are not changed I guess!

I using Rhino 8 (Rhino 7 being installed too) with Pollination version :

Thank you for the additional information. @mingbo should be able to tell what might be happening.

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Hi @mingbo. Any update to this?

Hi @asisnath, those are constructions and program types for standards β€œ09J908”, β€œTG013-2012” and β€œGB55015”, which are used in China. I think I will remove them in the later versions when I get chance.

You can safely delete them if you have to.


Hi @mingbo , were you able to rectify this as its quite annoying every time to delete the additional files from custom folder after new version installations ?