Upcoming Pollination Workshops (Oct and Nov 2023)

Hello :pollination: community,

After spending the month of September showcasing the latest features of Pollination for interoperability, the natural next step is to teach a few hands-on workshops for anyone who wants to learn more; and that’s exactly what we are going to do!

We will be teaching 6 workshops in 3 days in October and November as part of the Chicago Innovate 2023 Workshops and NYC AEC Tech 2023 events.

The morning sessions are for the Revit plugin followed up with an afternoon session for the Rhino plugin. I highly recommend attending both workshops to get a better sense of all the possibilities.

If you are interested in attending you should get your tickets sooner than later. The number of seats is limited and the ticket prices are very affordable!

See the list of the workshops at the bottom of the post. :point_down:

Who will be teaching the workshops?

@chriswmackey and I will be teaching the workshops, and @ksobon will join us for the in-person Revit workshop in New York! :statue_of_liberty:

Who are these workshops for?

These workshops are particularly useful for energy modelers and building performance specialists who would like to cut the time for preparing their simulation models from Revit or Rhino using the Pollination plugins. We might show apps and a bit of integration with Grasshopper but the main focus is on preparing a valid model for the studies.

If you are already using the plugins, this is a good opportunity to get an update on the new features and get a sense of the upcoming features. It’s also an opportunity to provide feedback during the workshop and share your wish list of the missing features!

If you haven’t started using Pollination, this is a great opportunity to get a headstart in a short and dedicated time slot and get up to speed quickly.

Do I need a Pollination license to attend the workshop?

No. We will provide you with licenses for Pollination Rhino and Revit plugins during the workshop so you don’t have to worry about them as long as you have the plugins installed on your machine correctly.

What is the difference between the workshops?

The content for the workshops will be very similar. We decided to teach 3 of them to ensure everyone interested can get in. That being said, we will probably be more experimental when teaching in person and try to challenge the attendees more, however, the core content will be similar.

Workshops information

When What Where Link
October 19, 2023 Morning Pollination Revit Chicago Innovate 2023 (Virtual) Get Tickects
October 19, 2023 Afternoon Pollination Rhino Chicago Innovate 2023 (Virtual) Get Tickects
October 27, 2023 Morning Pollination Revit NYC AECTech 2023 (Virtual) Get Tickects
October 27, 2023 Afternoon Pollination-Rhino NYC AECTech 2023 (Virtual) Get Tickects

Let me know if you have any other questions.

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Hello so interesting events but unfortunately I didn’t make it. Can I ask if there will be similar events in the future?

Many thanks


Hi @christos,

We don’t have any immediate plans for new workshops, but our video tutorials are due for an update. The recording of the workshops should also be available in the next few months.