User defined derived from 'post-processed results'?

Hello! Having a grand time with polination-streamlit!

I was curious if this already exists, and or what all would need to be done specifically for these features in a recipe/plugin:

user_inputs via user intput component in grasshopper are added to the metadata of each run in a job; creating that really nice synchronicity with pollination_streamlit.dataframe.

Currently: is there a means to post process simulation results; and add them to the run.metadata; to further extend and lean on pollination_streamlit.dataframe?

At-least for what I am doing currently; that would definitely save a ton of time performance wise minimizing volume of I/O with streamlit app, ; and being able to not use results.sql from app; or perhaps not even generate eplusout.sql if not needed (from what I understand writing eplusout.sql; atleast with Eplus v9.4; was a time intensive part of simulation; and not doing sql output seemed to speed things up.

and it would be really cool to be able to do api calls to large parametric runs; and basically just ducktyping off job.runs_dataframe for plotting explicitly.

Understanding that; with the results JSON returning commands via honeybee plugin: what I’m talking about is kind of just lazy :sweat_smile: just thought it might be kinda nifty to further streamline some things!

First few days I’ve been able to get really heavy into all this so apologies for any day-one-stuff overlooks on my part!


fairly sure after some more reading in pollinations github: a plugin would be the move, atleast for the ‘basic functionality’, still curious as to the appendment to the!

Hi @tfedyna, apologies for the late reply. Here is an example of how you can extract them from inputs. It’s not really elegant but it works:

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thanks Mostapha!!! most clutch