UTCI recipe failing... no wind speeds matrix uploading

Hi there, I’m getting a consistent error where my UTCI study keeps failing… Seems like the pollination component is not uploading my csv file?

Hi @jakechevriersg, What do you see when you click on the air-speed-matrices folder?

Do they follow the requirements explained in the input?

cc: @chriswmackey

this is what is in the air speeds-matrices folder… i don’t see a csv file, and yes i believe i have it correct, I have a csv file with 538 rows (# of grid positions) with 2160 columns (hours of analysis period)

this is my csv file which matches the grid name in my gh script…

the log shows its looking for a csv file thats not there…

Hi @jakechevriersg,

I checked, and I can confirm that it uploading the wrong files. Do you have any idea where those 3 files are located? For some reason, the input picks up a different folder with those 3 files instead of picking the correct folder.

I have two guesses about why this might be happening:

  1. Can you remove the \ from the end of the folder path?

  2. If that doesn’t work, can you put the path in " " or use a different path without a white space?


genius, that did the trick!

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