UTCI Wind Speed Matrix .csv


I am trying to analyze UTCI for two different level’s and was wondering what the best way would be to populate the data in the csv?

  • Should we create separate sheets in the same csv?
  • Also our wind speed would remain constant during the hours of the year (analyzing 24 hours) so should we replicate Column A into B,C,D,E…X?

If you think there if there is another way to do this, let me know! Thank you!

Hi @siddharthghoghari ,

I have tried to make the input description as clear as I can and I’m not sure that there’s much more that I could write to make it clearer but I know it’s a fairly complex input. Maybe some of the screenshots that I posted in my answer here will make it clearer what the input is expecting:

Re-reading your question, I also realize that it might not have been obvious that CSV files only support a single sheet per file. It’s not like Excel where you have different sheets in the same file. So each sensor grid should be getting it’s own CSV file and the name of each CSV should match that of the sensor grid in your model.

Lastly, the number of columns in your CSV should be equal to the number of hours in your run period. So, if you are plugging in a value for run_period_ that is only 24 hours, you only need to have 24 columns in each of your CSVs.

Let me know if you have any questions or if you have any suggestions for how I could make the input description clearer. Maybe I should have replaced “timestep of the run period” with “hour of the run period” in the following part of the description:

Each csv file should contain a matrix of air speed values in m/s with one row per sensor and one column per timestep of the run period.

Hello Chris! Thank you for the explanation as it is super helpful! Gives a clear picture of the next steps I can follow.

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