Ventilation Input Values

To incorporate the ventilation requirements listed in Ashrae 62.1
Should the People outdoor Air Rate_ cfm/person be captured under flow/person
and Area outdoor air rate cfm/ft2 be captured under flow/area ?

What is the difference between Flow/ Area and Flow per zone ?
since program type is applied to each zone separately - Are these 2 interchangeable ?

Program Types_Subsection

Ashrae 62.1 Reference

Additionally where can I find definitions (if any) for all the sections and subsections defined by Pollination room properties?

Hi @upawarcannon,

I defer to @chriswmackey or @mingbo to respond to the first question but I can help with the second one.

I imagine by room properties you are referring to room energy properties. In that case, you can find the documentation for all the objects here:

For all the room properties including the energy properties, check this link:

You can also find the definition of all the other objects including ventilation which is related to your first question:

If you hover your mouse on the inputs you should see a similar description.

For your first question, the Ventilation specification always takes all of the flows that you specify and adds them together to give you a final ventilation flow (this is the same logic used in ASHREA 62.1).

Given that ASHRAE 62.1 has all of its specifications on a per-area and per-person basis, you shouldn’t have any need for the other two specification methods.

Flow/zone is if you needed to specify a fixed flow rate that was independent of floor area or people, which is pretty rare.