"Very High Reflectivity Surface" Causing issues

Hi! I’m working on a simple model

There is this material and construction causing problems as seen below:
Now I’ve tried manually removing the offending construction and material from the *.hbjson as well as using the construction manager.
The construction is called "TDD Pipe" and the mat is called "Very High Reflectivity Surface"
The *.hbjson can be found below with the offending constr and mat.
Any insight or help would be appreciated!
USMFCZ3BelecresheatedbsmtIECC_2021.hbjson (320.9 KB)

edit: manually removing via editing the hbjson is working

There should be a way to remove the material/construction from the model.

This is what I am doing with the construction manager incase of user error. might want to open in new tab

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